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Adam - Australia

I have been a Wonder Woman Fan and collector from my childhood. I was fortunate to own an 8 inch Mego Wonder Woman Action Figure packaged in the 'rare' Australian Carded edition (so I'm told) which I eventually sold nfor $16000 in 2010.  I kept the card 'cause I loved the artwork and wanted more with Wonder Woman!

I manged to get the Mego 12 inch figure based on the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV series, although I could never find Nubia, Steve Trevor or Hippolyta here in Australia, I did find the smaller 3.5 inch figure. 

This inspiration has led me to become a professional filmmaker, and no doubt it was only a matter of time till I made the documentary Indie Feature film, Heroes Crossing, in which Wonder Woman plays a major role as "super-heroine number one!"

I continue to collect Wonder Woman merchandise as you can tell from some of my collection in the photo provided. I enjoy speaking with other collectors and am glad to find an ongoing appreciation for the iconic Wonder Woman with collectors from around the world!

Favorite items: Over time I collected any memorabilia that featured Wonder Woman and my favourtie quickly became the Super Powers Wonder Woman with her magic lasso and bullet deflecting bracelets when you squeezed her legs together.

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