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Jeff - USA

I have been OBSESSED with wonder woman ever since I was a kid!  I have over 1,000 items in my collection.  I am attaching a few pictures.  I grew up collecting things pertaining to Wonder Woman.  I met and saw Lynda Carter two summers ago when she performed a cabaret night at Harrah's Hotel/Casino in Atlantic city.  I own and operate a performing arts school in NJ.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to put my love of Wonder Woman to use in the performing arts!  Back in 1999, I choreographed an AMAZING acrobatic/gymnastics routine to "Wonder Woman" theme song!  This 11 year old gymnast looked very similar to the original wonder woman.  Her acrobatic and tumbling skills were amazing!  I sold a few copies of this routine on ebay and EVERYONE said they loved it.  I choreographed the original paddles turn (thats the TECHNICAL term) where wonder woman (and wonder girl) "spun" into their super heroine costumes!  Imagine Wonder Woman actually flipping, jumping and tumbling in real life...as a kid!  This routine was amazing and my student won overall high score out of 351 entries!!  About 6 years ago, I designed and created two wonder woman costumes for two of my students to Trick or Treat in.  As you can see by the attached picture, my dog also went out in costume as "Wonder Dog"!!  LOL

The picture of all of my items does not do them justice as some still need to be opened and unpacked onto the shelves (I recently moved into a new place and this is my last project to finish). 

Favorite items: I have a few favorite pieces, NUMBER ONE: is the semi-difficult to find Wonder Woman sleeping bag.  I wanted this for years as a kid and my mother said "boys don't have girls sleeping bags" (this was back in late 70's!!).  Well, as you can see, I have one! One of my parents from my school won this for me for my birthday and it actually brought me to tears.  And I would like to say as I am typing this, I just one ANOTHER one that came in green!!!  Another favorite is the Wonder Woman lunch box from the 70's.  One of my most rare pieces is in the far right side of picture.  It is a Wonder Woman collage that was sold only by the United States Post Office!  I received this from my mother two years ago for my birthday (perhaps out of guilt for never getting me the sleeping bag, LOL).  I also have TWO autographed pictures from Wonder Woman too. (Lynda Carter).

I keep collecting things I find. My students, parents and friends are always picking me up something or letting me know if they see something WW. I think I'll collect for a long, long time! Send me an email if you want to chat.


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