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Kim - USA

I love Wonder Woman! Like so many collectors I've been a fan since childhood. As the only female super hero around, the message of possibilities was incredible. Wonder Woman taught me that it was ok for girls to be strong, for girls to assert themselves, and to embrace achievements. Attending my first San Diego Comic Con several years ago really did me in. It sparked my passion for collecting and I’ve been devoted to this hobby ever since. It’s been a huge blessing meeting and connecting with other collectors. It wouldn’t be half the fun it now is without these wonderful people sharing their passion for Wonder Woman with me. Collecting has become so much more fun than I could have ever anticipated. I went so far as to convert a room in my house to a Wond...er Woman room that I just love! The walls are painted in her colors-red on the bottom, yellow gold above-bisected with a blue band of paint with white stars on it! I love being in that room. I have no idea how many items are in my collection-I know that I’m in the middle of an inventory and I’ve already passed the 3,500 mark and have lots left to do! I’m estimating that it’s somewhere over 5,000 items which is a little bit crazy when you think about it! In 2012 I filmed a TV show called Collectors which was a ton of fun and provided a positive overview of what it’s like to be a collector. I love the relationships built with other people who love to collect Wonder Woman so please feel free to email me…. Note however that I won’t sell anything!

Favorite items: Like most collectors I love the Tonner dolls and the Terry Dodson action figure. I think the other favorite items have become special because of how I obtained them. I have a sketch that Darwyn Cooke did for me of Wonder Woman while we chatted at Comic Con about New Frontier that I love. The full length autographed Alex Ross poster is a favorite too. For some strange reason I love the first Anime figure. I think its just so different, but still retains the spirit of her power. The Wonder Woman vs. Superman statue is probably my favorite statue. My first Golden Age comic #18-represented a new level of investment in my habit so I love that one! There are some vintage treasures that I was after forever that I’ve acquired in recent years…the bike, the California Originals Cookie Jar, the phone….so many things to love!

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