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New Photos of Sideshow Collectibles Wonder Woman Statue and Variant

8 FEBRUARY 2014: Sideshow released some new photos of the upcoming Wonder Woman Premium Format statue including a variant, which features Wonder Woman holding an axe in her right hand instead of the shield.

Click on images below to view larger


Rare Australian 8" Mego Wonder Woman Doll Sells for US$28,000

5 FEBRUARY 2014: The extremely rare Australian carded 8" Wonder Woman Mego doll was featured on this weeks episode of the Toy Hunter titled "28K Wonder Woman". The host of the show and a friend purchased the doll together at a collectibles show for US$18,000 and sold it at another collectibles show for US$28,000. Previously the highest one of these dolls has sold for was just over AU$16,000 in 2010.


Sideshow Collectibles Gives a Sneek Peek of upcoming Wonder Woman Statue

26 DECEMBER 2013: Sideshow Collectibles has released a sneek peek video of their upcoming 1:4 scale Wonder Woman statue. Click here or on the image below to view the video.

Sideshow Collectibles Gives a Sneek Peek of upcoming Wonder Woman Statue


Gal Gadot Cast as Wonder Woman in Batman Vs Superman Movie

5 DECEMBER 2013: It has been announced that Gal Gadot has been cast to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie (aka Man of Steel 2). Click HERE to stay track of all the Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman movie news on Facebook. Photo manip below by Renny Roccon (click on image below to view larger version). .


Prototypez Studios Obtain DC Comics License

2 DECEMBER 2013: Prototypez Studios has announced it has obtained a license to produce DC Comics merchandise which will include full figure and bust model kits. Wonder Woman is featured in the promo image which hopefully that means may be some new Wonder Woman model kits coming out in 2014. Click here for more information.

Prototypez Studios Obtain DC Comics License


Australian Wonder Woman Designer Sleepwear

30 NOVEMBER 2013: Australian sleepwear designer Peter Alexander has released a new line of Super Hero sleepwear which includes a number of Wonder Woman items including lip balm, eyemask, makeup bag, underwear, pyjamas and more. Click here to view the entire range of Peter Alexander's newest Super Hero collection.

Peter Alexander Wonder Woman Collection 2013


Lynda Carter Visits Marston Family Museum

26 NOVEMBER 2013: This past Saturday Lynda Carter, her husband, son and son's fiance flew from Washington to Connecticut to pay a visit to Christie and Pete Marston and check out the Marston Family Wonder Woman Museum. Christie and Pete recently met Lynda backstage at one of her shows which was arranged by fellow Wonder Woman fan and collector Geoffrey Prince. Click here or on the image below to see more pics from Lynda's visit on Christie and Pete's website.

Lynda Carter Visits Marston Family Museum


Interview with Pete Marston

26 NOVEMBER 2013: Pete Marston, son of Wonder Woman's creator William Moulton Marston, was recently interviewed where he discusses his father's creation, the failed attempt at bringing Wonder Woman back to the small screen and the Marston Family Wonder Woman Museum. Click here or on the image below to watch the interview.

Interview with Pete Marston



Kristin Smith's Wonder Woman Collection Featured on FanAddicts

01 OCTOBER 2013: Fellow Wonder Woman collector Kristin Smith was recently featured on FanAddicts which airs on the Reelz channel in the US. Click here or on the image below to check out her amazing collection.

Kristin Smith's Wonder Woman Collection Featured on FanAddicts


Wonder Woman SDCC 2012 News

13 JULY 2012: Very special thanks to Wonder Woman fan, and fellow collector KIM, who has been reporting on all the Wonder Woman related news at this years San Diego Comic Con. KOTOBUKIYA revealed an unpainted prototype of an upcoming Wonder Woman New 52 style statue due out in February 2013. HUCKLEBERRY will be releasing a Wonder Woman iPhone cover in September. SKELANIMALS revealed a prototype Wonder Woman Skelanimals plush scheduled for release before then end of the year. HALLMARK showed a musical Wonder Woman greeting card. DC ENTERTAINMENT gave a sneak peak of plans for an anime-style Wonder Woman statue during a Q&A session. MIXO said the Wonder Woman Boxo figure will be available in September and also debuted the Wonder Woman Kookycraft figure. The amazing Wonder Woman PULLIP doll also made its debut.

All photos below courtesy of Kim Vander Dussen

For more information on these items check out the Coming Soon page.



Wonder Woman Costume for a Cause Contest

JUNE 2012: Click on the image below for more information about this contest.



Lynda Carter Wonder Woman 1:2 Scale Bust Update

MARCH 2012: Great news everyone. The sculp for the Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman 1:2 scale bust is close to completion, there is still a bit of work to do but it is coming along brilliantly. The bust is based on an image of Lynda Carter as she appears in the first season of the Wonder Woman television series (aka the ABC series). Please note this is a not for profit project - it is simply a bunch of collectors pooling their money to have a good quality custom statue of Lynda Carter produced for their private collections. If you are interested in owning one of these amazing pieces please contact the sculptor by email on: air_fx12@yahoo.com.au.



New York Comic Con 2011 Updates
OCTOBER 2011: Below are some new photos from the 2011 New York Comic Con including the DC Direct Jim Lee action figure which has changed yet again. The long blue pants have been changed to shorts and the boots changed to red (despite them being black in the current comic book). The prototype of the upcoming MAD Magazine Wonder Woman figure was also shown for the first time. DC Direct are also re-releasing the 2008 Ame-Comi figure, but replacing the gold on her costume with silver to reflect the current comic book costume. CLICK ON THE PHOTOS BELOW TO VIEW LARGER IMAGES.


Upcoming Sideshow Collectibles Wonder Woman Statues?
JULY 2011: At this year's San Diego Comic Con Sideshow Collectibles features a number of Wonder Woman concept sketches at the bottom of a promo poster at their booth. More info when it becomes available. CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW TO VIEW FULL SIZE POSTER.



Fan Donates Original ABC Costume to Lynda Carter and Family
JULY 2011: Shawn Winstian recently gave Lynda Carter an original Wonder Woman costume that she wore in the first season of the televison series. Shawn said the reason for giving it to Lynda was so that each of her children could have a costume each (as Lynda only had a version of the costume from seasons 2 and 3). Shawn presented Lynda with the framed costume during a lunch at Lynda's home with her children Jamie and Jessica. What an amazing gift !! CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW TO VIEW LARGER VERSIONS.



The Marston Family Need Your Help To Save Wonder Woman
JUNE 2011: William Moulton Marston's son Pete, and grandaughter Christie are campaigning to have Wonder Woman's values restored as well as her original costume, but they need your help. Please visit their site and share your Wonder Woman story with them. All stories will be eventually collated and presented to DC Comics. CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION.



Wonder Woman & Cheetah on Batman: The Brave and the Bold
JUNE 2011: Wonder Woman has made another appearance on the animated Batman: The Brave and The Bold series, this time with the Cheetah. The episode is titled "Triumvirate of Terror" and features Morena Baccarin (Anna from V) as the voice of Cheetah and Tippi Hedren as the voice of Hippolyta. There is even one scene where Diana changes into Wonder Woman by spinning like Lynda Carter. Unlike her first appearance in this series Wonder Woman is featured throughout the entire episode... if she becomes a regular we may see some new Wonder Woman merchandise based on the show. The episode "Triumvirate of Terror" can be downloaded from Amazon or iTunes. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON.



DC Universe To Open At Six Flags Magic Mountain
JUNE 2011: Six Flags Magic Mountain in California is busy constructing the DC Universe section of the park. Check out some cool photos of the GIANT Wonder Woman graphic used as part of the 'Golden Lasso' ride. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

DC Universe To Open At Six Flags Magic Mountain



Rare Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Photos For Sale
JUNE 2011: Celebrarty.com recently acquired some rare and never before seen photos of Lynda Carter from the Wonder Woman pilot episode 1975. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Rare Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Photos For Sale


Rare Wonder Woman Hot Cycle Box Appears on Ebay
JUNE 2011: The box (without cycle) for Empire's incredibly rare 1979 Wonder Woman Hot Cycle appeared on ebay recently and ended up selling for US$181.38. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS ITEM

Rare Wonder Woman Hot Cycle Box Appears on Ebay


4th Anniversary Competition - Win 1 of 4 Prize Packs
MAY 2011: WonderWomanCollectors.com celebrates its 4th anniversary in August 2011 and to celebrate will be giving away 4 prize packs, but you must correctly answer 10 questions about Wonder Woman. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.


Wonder Woman Appearance on Batman: The Brave and The Bold
MAY 2011: Wonder Woman made and appearance on Batman: The Brave and The Bold in an episode titled "Scorn of the Star Sapphire". Wonder Woman only appears in the first 3-4 minutes of the episode but its an incredible few minutes. It features a bronze age Wonder Woman rescuing Steve Trevor and Batman from Baroness Von Gunther and even includes the theme song from the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman television series. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE CLIP.

Wonder Woman Appearance on Batman: The Brave and The Bold


Wonder Woman TV Show News
APRIL 2011: Instead of crowding this page with Wonder Woman TV related news I have created a special news page dedicated to news, photos, videos, links and articles about the show.


70th Anniversary Fan Collage Prints
APRIL 2011: Wonder Woman fan and collector Renny Roccon created an amazing 70th Anniversary Wonder Woman tribute collage featuring images from all decades of Wonder Woman's career. The collage not only features many comic book covers and pieces of memorabilia, but also includes all of the actresses who have played Wonder Woman, including Ellie Wood Walker, Cathy Lee Crosby, Lynda Carter and our newest Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

70th Anniversary Fan Collage



Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Costume on Display in Indianapolis
MARCH 2011: Lynda Carter's costume from the CBS era (seasons 2 and 3) of the television show is currently on display at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis as part of their "Incredible Costumes' exhibit. Exhibit runs from March 12 to May 8. The costume was loaned to the museum by the Azarian Collection. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS.


Wonder Woman New KFC Premium from Mexico
MARCH 2011: New Wonder Woman premium toy part of Mexico's KFC Justice League Unlimited promotion. Photos of the actual Wonder Woman toy will be on this site shortly so keep checking the SITE UPDATES page.


Vintage Wonder Woman Toy Store Appearances
MARCH 2011: Check out some cool pics from the amazing PLAIDSTALLIONS BLOG of various instore appearances made by actors dressed as Wonder Woman.


Rare Brazilian Lunchboxes sell for $500+ each
MARCH 2011: Two of the rarest Wonder Woman lunchboxes recently sold on ebay. The pink version sold for US$499 and the Super Friends version sold for US$587.75. CLICK ON AN IMAGE BELOW TO VIEW MORE INFORMATION ABOUT EACH ITEM.


Wonder Woman TV News
NEW COSTUME REVEALED: The costume to be worn by Adrianne Palicki in the upcoming Wonder Woman pilot has been revealed (click image below). CLICK HERE TO VIEW ORIGINAL POST ON EW WEBSITE.


Lynda Carter Autographs
MARCH 2011: This is not really "new" news, but if any fans are wanting Lynda Carter to autograph their favorite photos all you need to do is send her the photos you want signed as well as a stamped self addressed envelope so she can send them back to you.

Here is the address to send autograph requests to:

PO Box 59110
POTOMAC, MD, 20859



Help Fund New Wonder Woman Documentary
FEBRUARY 2011: You can help fund a new documentary about Wonder Woman by clicking on the link or on the image below. Check out a preview from the documentary which includes interviews with Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, Gloria Steinhem and many more. For as little as $35 your name will appear in the films credits as well as receiving a signed postcard and DVD of the final product. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE


The New Wonder Woman Has Been Cast
FEBRUARY 2011: Adrianne Palicki has been cast as Wonder Woman in NBC's upcoming television series. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


Wonder Woman MAC Cosmetics Launch New York


Wonder Woman Auction Items - Hakes Americana
JANUARY 2011: Hakes latest auction features a few Wonder Woman items including a rare Mego Kresge card 8" Wonder Woman doll. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE WONDER WOMAN SEARCH ON HAKES SITE


Wonder Woman Lynda Carter 1:2 Scale Bust
JANUARY 2011: If enough people are interested The Art Department will be producing a limited number of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman 1:2 scale busts. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


Wonder Woman MAC Cosmetics Collection Photos
JANUARY 2011: The first photos of MAC Cosmetics Wonder Woman collection have appeared online. Items include mascara, lipstick, nail polish, lip gloss, eyeshadow, blush and more. Due for release Feb/March 2011.


Wonder Woman DC Comics Mighty Beanz
JANUARY 2011: A Wonder Woman Mighty Beanz recently sold on ebay for US$58.98. The item was located in Hong Kong and is possibly a prototype or test piece from an upcoming release of DC Mighty Beanz. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON MIGHTY BEANZ


Lynda Carter Wonder Woman CBS Costume Replicas
JANUARY 2011: In my opinion this would have to be the best replica of Lynda Carter's costume from 'The New Adventures of Wonder Woman' (aka the CBS costume). Lynne has over 25 years sewing experience and has provided DC Comics with pattern and sample services for their range of action figures. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

  DC Universe Online Wonder Woman Wallpaper
DECEMBER 2010: Download this awesome Wonder Woman wallpaper based on her appearance from the DC Universe Online video game. Also check out the original art concepts of Wonder Woman while on the site.
DC Universe Online Wonder Woman Wallpaper
  New Designer Wonder Woman Jewelry
DECEMBER 2010: FELLOW COLLECTOR ANDY shared this information on the CBR Wonder Woman Message Board recently about a new line of designer jewelry inspired by Wonder Woman.
CLICK HERE to visit Andy's post on CBR - or - CLICK HERE to visit original post of Bleeding Cool
Designer Wonder Woman Jewelry

New Site Design
DECEMBER 2010: Welcome to the new and improved WonderWomanCollectors.com. I have spent the past few months redeveloping the site hence the lack of updates to the old site. The new site design features improved navigation which will hopefully make it easier to find items. Make sure to check each catagory as I have added lots of items that were not previously listed on the old site.

BELOW: Images from the old site.

Old Wonder Woman Site


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