5 Reasons Why We Love Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman trailer has given us enough to talk about how DC is finally leveling up their game. After a long run of Marvel movies, DC now has time to build their universe in the cinema. Who else could have ended this year better than Wonder Woman? While you search for the names, we provide you with five reasons why you should agree with us. Wonder Woman has made a global impact with her new trailer, encouraging more boys and girls to be like her. Let us look at why Wonder Woman is being loved so much.

Wonder Woman is a global citizen

The coolest thing about Wonder Woman is that she has access to all nations around the world. She visits different countries to teach everyone to create a global world where everyone shares empathy and tolerance. Her goal is to save humanity from destroying itself. The superpower of Wonder Woman is empathy, which we all seem to be looking for in people around us. What a fantastic way to win people’s hearts.

She loves to read

While it is still hard to develop a habit of reading, we all like the idea of having the knowledge of books. Wonder Woman is a pro reader who has read the first known written language in the DC universe, the Sumerian. She is a part of the most elite group of scholars in the world. It will surely encourage the new age kids to read more and develop the knowledge of ancient books.

She speaks all languages

Needless to say that it only gets cooler from here. Wonder Woman can speak all languages in the world. This level of “Omnilingualism” is someone any traveler would love to have. It is one of her qualities that will make her feel loved in any country she visits. Imagine a person who can understand a tribal language and also has the power of empathy. It can change the world.

She is a true leader

Wonder Woman is the type of leader that this world needs today. She teaches world peace and can listen and understand every person in the world. She has the god-given abilities to build relationships with anyone she meets. While she can be the hero that everyone needs, she is self-sufficient and does not need anyone. However, she never shows it and always appreciates every small help she gets.

She accomplishes every goal

Wonder Woman is the inspiration to set our own goals and achieve them. She makes people believe that anything is possible, and every goal that we set can be accomplished. It will surely encourage young kids to believe in their dreams and that nothing can stop them from reaching their goals. Both genders can relate to her in a lot of ways. Her personality to be a true human being will surely break the boundaries of how we look at our superheroes.

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